The Great Unknown – New Print Release

My latest screen print edition, titled The Great Unknown, is now available to buy over at

Gazing into the abyss that will be 2019 has increased my anxiety fuelled knuckle cracking by 58%, and so I wanted to say goodbye to this year by putting those feelings onto paper. Let’s all don our golden cloaks, climb the mountain, and leap into the coming year with strength and positivity. You never know, we might actually soar.


The Great Unknown by Eelus

The Great Unknown – Standard Edition
• 6 colour screen print including iridescent gold cloak
• Edition of 75

• 420 x 594cm
• £195


The Great Unknown by Eelus

The Great Unknown – Hand Finished Edition
• 5 colour screen print with spray painted moon and highlights
• Edition of 20

• 420 x 594cm
• £300