New paintings in progress at Lee Eelus's studio

Hello hello! Been a while since I checked in, I hope you’re all good. The heat has been building here in the studio, literally and figuratively. I’m currently wrestling with my first set of oil paintings as I get together a new body of work for upcoming shows, the main bulk of which will be for my next solo exhibition at Jealous Gallery in east London in November.

My daughter Pearl has just started her first school summer holidays, and so despite the mountain of studio work and pressing deadlines there’s parenting to be done and time to be spent as a family. Add to that a recent ADHD and Dyslexia diagnosis at the age of 43, and you have the ingredients for an interesting and intense moment in life.

Discovering my neurodivergence at such a ‘late’ stage in life has been enlightening and a huge weight has been lifted in many respects. In a lot of ways, life all of a sudden feels like a blank canvas, and I’m looking forward to seeing how all this feeds into my work moving forward. I’d like to talk more about this at some point but for now I’m still trying to process everything and make sense of it all. Until then, stay cool, be good.