Eelus Mural in Walthamstow

Wood St Walls – London


Recently spent a very pleasant week up a scissor lift in sunny Walthamstow for the Wood St Walls project. I thought it’d be fun to paint a version of my Trip The Light Fantastic image, using new tools and new techniques, and had a great time in the process. Big thanks to Mark and Tom… Read more »

Eelus's mural for Dubai Walls

Dubai Walls


Took a little trip to Dubai recently to paint my biggest wall to date for Dubai Walls. The low-rise development known as City Walk has been taken over by 16 of the world’s biggest street artists, all of them leaving their signature marks on the virgin walls of the newly developed region. Very honored to… Read more »

Eelus and Shepard Fairey at Vandal, NYC

Vandal – NYC


I was fortunate enough to take two great trips to NYC over the past few months to be involved in the opening of the new TAO Group restaurant VANDAL at 199 Bowery. I was given a nice big wall within the ‘street food/street art’ inspired venue alongside other murals by master curator Hush, Tristan Eaton, Vhils, Will Barras,… Read more »



After a very successful Moniker Art Fair that saw my Conjuring paintings sell out pretty sharpish and receive a lot of nice attention, I’m happy to announce the screen print edition will go on presale at 3pm GMT on Friday 14th November at As well as the standard edition, there will also be a very limited… Read more »

Moniker Art Fair – 2015


Some shots of the wall I painted in the yard of the Truman Brewery in London as part of the Moniker Art Fair. Thanks to everyone who swung by the Horn of Plenty stand to say hello. It was a great few days, all my work sold, job done. Big thanks to everyone at Moniker… Read more »

The Raven & The Rose by Eelus & Fin DAC

The Raven & The Rose


I’ve finally got my claws on a decent photo of mine and Fin DAC’s ‘The Raven & The Rose’ mural from the other week.

Dark Angel, Deadly Dragon by Eelus and FinDAC

Loft Studios – London


One of the best ways to learn something quickly is to get as close as possible to someone else who’s got the chops. Someone who knows what they’re doing and does it well. Now that I’m starting to dip my toes back into the murky waters of ‘street art’, I decided to get in touch… Read more »

An Angel for Ruby by Eelus

An Angel for Ruby


After 4 years of avoiding all street art related activities I decided to get back in the ring this week with a new mural. A lot of fears have been put aside over the last few months and getting back outside to paint a little something for Ruby just felt like the natural thing to… Read more »

Summoning by Eelus

Contraband 2 – Los Angeles


Here’s a couple of photos of brand new canvas that are currently on their way to LA for Black Apple Art‘s Contraband 2 show that opens August 8th as well as a few progress shots from inside the spray booth. The image was originally commissioned by a private print collectors group and will be turned into a… Read more »

Warmest Place To Hide by Eelus

The Warmest Place to Hide


I’ve always been a big fan of John Carpenter’s The Thing. Since seeing it as a kid and having scene after infamous scene etched into my mind, it’s one of those films I’ll revisit time after time, like an old friend; an old friend with a giant mouth in his torso, or one who’s head has… Read more »

Been Here Since Forever by Eelus

Been Here Since Forever


With the Gallery 1988 Crazy4Cult 7 exhibition opening in NYC tonight, I thought I’d give you all a little gander at how a piece like Been Here Since Forever – one of two pieces I’ll have on show – makes its way out of my mind-brain and into the real world.